pdross1 Thread

My girlfriend and I don’t talk about this ever because it scares us so much to remember. We’re still scared of the area by our bedroom door, and we sleep with the lights on.

The Incident

2am. We are slammed awake by an alarm coming from inside our bedroom that is so loud, that it hurts to hear. Going from deep sleep to heart-pounding-adrenaline-dump, and the noise so loud, I am experiencing complete disorientation and panic.

Someone is standing in the bedroom door. Child sized. Very long hair. “WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?!” I scream.

“WHERE?!!!!! WHERE?!” my girlfriend screams.

I’m yell-crying at this point. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT????!!!!”

It doesn’t move. The light switch is right next to the door, right by the child. I force myself to jump up (our mattress is on the ground) and flip the light switch.

Instantly, the child is revealed to be a towel hanging on the doorknob. I don’t care what anyone says, I will never forget being that scared and feeling that unsure of what to do. Even though I know nothing supernatural was going on, it still gives me the willies just to think about.

Edit: The loud alarm was the smoke detector. We had just moved in so we had no clue what it sounded like. We couldn't figure out what had set it off. Very WTF.