Loris0214 Thread

Creepiest: (but proves I have some kind of good energy watching my back) I was about 16 and home alone in my house at night. This was back in the day when MSN messenger was the thing to do. So I was chatting away on there with some friends and my internet kept cutting out. So I would be signed out of MSN and then signed back in. This went on for a while and kept cutting out quicker and quicker. Eventually I couldn't stay online for more than 30 seconds. So I was like fuck this and get up from my computer chair to leave the room. The moment I was at the door way turning the corner to go up the stairs, the light fixture falls off the ceiling and shatters where I had been sitting on the computer chair. I ran upstairs and proceeded to hide under my blankets until my parents got home. TL; DR - Almost got injured, but some good ghost saved my ass