1shotaccount Thread

When I was around 6, my family lived out in the rural desert in Southern California near a Cahuilla tribe reservation. We had a few acre ranch that was beside small mountain (or large hill). My room had large windows that faced towards the mountainside and as such, it was always extremely dark at night so there was a motion sensor porch light that was attached over the backdoor which you could see from my window, think of an L on its side. Backdoor lead to a room we never used but anyone coming to the property thought it was the front door.

Anyway, one night, while trying to sleep I hear a tapping on the window like a subtle scratching. I wake up and see two very striking yellow eyes and the silhouette of something at the window, very canine. Now we had coyotes here but this was the size of a small man, far larger than any coyote and there were no wolves in the region - we had a dog, but a border collie was no where near the size of this.

So we stare at each other for a few moments, just dead still - I'm completely frozen on what to do while it just stares back. It begins to scratch again at the window then turns and walks, upright, to the backdoor and tries the handle. The light goes on, see this furry dog-man thing trying to get in and I freak. Remember running out of my room and grab a rifle we had in an case in the living room (like 15 feet away from my door) and then run back to my room. There it is, on the other side of the glass looking at me. It sees the rifle then bolts into the dark.

I never knew what it was and I only learned about 'skin-walkers' much later. Never told my parents but I slept with that Winchester rifle beside my bed for a few years after.