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Once I heard a creak in the living room when it was pitch black downstairs at night while I was getting a drink.

I ran upstairs and got my fucking shotgun and blew the fucking door down(my brother was abused as a kid so I was really protective back then.) There were THREE fucking home invaders in my living room.

You're thinking the scary part has passed right? No. They were wearing these fucking creepy as hell Theatre masks(Like these ) and all standing there in a fucking line with suits on like FUCKING Slenderman.

They were facing me and it was like they WERE expecting me to suddenly blow the damn door down and threaten them with a fully loaded shotgun. They made no reaction to it however.

Well I asked them who the they were and told them to get the fuck out otherwise I would blow their faces off.

They didn't say a word.

The thing that caught my eye the most though was that their eyes were covered entirely by the mask. Like it wasn't possible for them to see. And it was pitch dark with no lights on before I came in - so how could they see? They were literally blind.

One of them picked up the picture of me and my mother on the table and fucking pointed at it with his shiny white gloved hand.

He then took off his mask-

edit: .....well he didn't get the chance because I blew it off. Then did off the other two.

Called the police, they came in droves. Like 3 police cars with two Black Sedans. They took these bodies in sorted it out. I found out there were no records of these three in the database. Like they were three humans who had never existed. Their size and appearances weren't compatible with anything. It still creeps me out how they were essentially strangers and had never had any record of existing on this planet before this event.

Went in three days later for questioning and I'd heard their bodies had disappeared. Their bodies disappeared without a flash and the police were not doing anything about it. I'd asked why and the cop escorting me said "we don't question orders from higher up". I speculate this higher up had them removed and the story wiped.

I DID manage to look through the bodies before the cops came and there was pictures of my dad and mom holding letters next to some government building? What? This really shook me because my mom and dad died....7 years ago.

Apparently this went down deep and big too. I ruined my chance of getting involved by killing these invaders. I still regret doing such a stupid act.

There were also these tapes - really old audio tapes - in their pockets too, they seemed almost primitive. They were ones you inserted into your car or radio. I never got the chance to play them as I didn't have any of the necessary tape players around the house. I would've kept them if not for the police almost threatening me to hand the tapes over. They'd known I had them somehow and it seemed to be a top priority for them to get them from me.

It was 3 tapes in total.

I still wonder what was on those tapes, why the invaders were carrying them and if they were at my house to show them to me.

The tallest and biggest of three and the last to die DID speak but it was a "Wait-no" before I did him off. *It was a weird voice though - very wierd. * It was like a deep, creepy and soft kind of voice - the sort you get off big bad villains in movies.

Well I know - should not have killed three human beings like that. But I was fucking SCARED. And it was more of a reflex than a decision.