007_Monkey Thread

Guy lights himself on fire, runs through a parking garage and jumps from the eighth floor or so. Watching him fly through the air and hearing him scream is one of many memories I would love to forget. Hearing him hit the concrete made a sound that is hard to describe but is probably closest to the sound those kids jelly toy things make when you throw them on the ground and they flatten out. Any temporary relief I recieved from his screaming stopping was quickly replaced by confusion as I see what I thought was a greyish pinkish ball rolling along the ground about ten feet away from his head towards me. Brain pulls a total derp as I think thats an odd looking basketball, wonder what it's doing overe here nowhere near any outdoor courts. Snap back to reality, yup intact brain, instant out loud WTF. The sounds and smell of burning flesh are what is burned most into my soul. I guess not really scary, but these days I don't do heights or get close at all to fire.