KarthusWins Thread

I was standing in front of my house wth my dad on a spring day when I was 7. We were looking across the street at the neighbor's house, making casual conversation to pass the time. Suddenly, we see about 3 crows start to circle around the house. Then, one of the crows dives into our neighbor's yard and starts to pull apart their storm drain (the water spout that catches roof water and sends it to the ground). It appeared that a family of finches had built a nest in the drain, and the crows wanted to eat the eggs. They succeeded. But that was not all. The crows then caught one of the finches, ripped its head off, and started to eat it. The other finch darted off in fright, abandoning its home.

About 3 minutes later, I shit you not, the finch returns with about 50 other finches, and they start to attack the crows. The crows took down a couple more of the finches, but they were covered in a massive swarm of angry feathers. Two of the crows were ripped to shreds within minutes, and the other one got away but fell to the ground after making it to a nearby hill (probably due to a damaged wing). It was very scary for my young mind, and I had just seen the horror movie "The Birds".

After everything was done, my dad turns to me and says, "What the fuck." That was the first time I heard him swear.