gibsonton Thread

Buried but it's worth a try... Didn't happen to me, but someone I know.

Friend in her second year of college away from home living in a 1 bedroom apartment by herself. Living alone she was always super conscious of locking her doors and everything. Comes back from class one day and notices that her stuff was not how it was when she left, clothes on the floor, papers rustled, etc and there was a picture on her floor of a little black boy (whom she had never seen before). Enough was out of place that she was way weirded out and she called the police.

Police come to investigate cant find any evidence of breaking and entering and they ask if they can take her computer. They take it, she's freaked but she tries not to worry about it.

Next day police show up, bring her the computer and tell her that they found something on it. They open her Microsoft Word and find 100's of letters to her. Weird ass love letters talking about her. Every single one ended the same way, "If you don't believe me just look under your bed..."

No joke, they look under her bed, lift up her mattress to find 100's of used condoms...

Needless to say she noped right outta there and moved back home the next day.

Never found out who it was. Assumed it was someone working maintenance considering doors were always locked and she came home to them locked when the incident occurred.