sweetsweetm Thread

This happened to my horseback riding teacher's sister, Nancy (I think her name was), when I was like 9. It didn't freak me out so much at the time, but my mom reminded me of the story a few years ago and it's so creepy. So Nancy went to the mall one day to run an errand- when she came out she had trouble finding her car bc 2 trucks had parked on either side of it obscuring the view. So she finally finds it and a well dressed man (wearing a long dress coat, leather gloves and holding a briefcase) comes up to her and asks for her help. His car broke down and he needs to get to meeting and was hoping Nancy could drop him off at the train or bus stop about a mile from the mall. Nancy says yes and they get into her car. As soon as the doors close she knows something is wrong. She starts sweating and internally freaking out. All she knows is that she wants him out of her car. She did some very quick thinking and asked him to help guide her our of her parking spot (since the trucks on either side of her made it hard to see the rest of the traffic in the parking lot). As soon as he got out she locked the doors and sped away. Once safely on the freeway Nancy starts to feel extremely guilty and wondering if she was just being paranoid. She looks to her passenger seat and sees the man's briefcase. Relieved that she has a way to track him down and apologize she pulls over and opens it. The briefcase is empty except for a roll of duck tape and rope.... This has kept me awake many nights over the past few years.