DutchRedneck Thread

Too late for the party i guess but still... Here is my creepiest moment. Worked as a security guard in a hospital when my coworkers received a call from a woman who found a note from her husband. In that note he wrote he was going to kill himself and he also noted the exact area of where he would do it. (Toilets)

We thought it was a prankcall but obviously we still had to check it out. Mens toilets where clear, next where the womens toilet. Fuck one door locked. Also no response to our yelling and knocking, so we yelled we where going to open the door. And unlocked the door with the side of the key and opened it.

What we saw there was absolutly horrific, not so much as in the gore but the way he took his own life. We found the man laying on the floor with a plastic bag taped around his head. Every item in his pocket was placed on the toilet, phone, cigarettes, lighter, wallet etc. My collegue checked his pulse, but he was already cold. So we where to late.

We contacted the police and my coworker had his wife on the phone the whole time trying to comfort her as she wasn't allowed to tell anything about the state of her husband. That was up to the police to tell.

Anyways police removed the tape and found another plastic bag under the the other one. When they removed the second plastic bag and tape we saw he also had put pieces of paper in his nose.

So yeah this guy was a patiant of the psych ward and decided to kill himself by suffocation. Anyway, never took a dump on that particular toilet again, neither did my coworkers.

TL;DR: found a guy who comitted suicide on the toilet.