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About five years ago on Valentines Day I was with my fiance (now wife). We had just finished dinner and it was about 11PM. She lived pretty close to a cemetery and was always talking about how many deer she'd see out there at night and she wanted to show me, so we drive out there.

Here's the Google Maps link:,-111.676456&num=1&t=h&z=17

So we pull in and immediately see a huge black object about 30ft from the car directly in front of us. It was a good 7 feet tall and had this black robe on (Grim Reaper style) moving across the road. I say moving because there wasn't a noticeable "step". It wasn't going up and down. It was like floating across the road like it was on a skateboard or something.

So we were pretty scared then but we couldn't turn around because the road was pretty narrow, so I drove a little farther until there was a fork I could start heading back (See linked image). So we get back around and it had just made it's way across on the shorter road and by the time we saw it again it was just standing in the road looking at us.

Right before this we were pretty freaked, but when it was just standing looking at us it was the most scared I've ever been. Our lights were shining right on it and there was nothing in the face. The light wasn't reflecting or anything, just black.

It looked at us for about 30 seconds and then just turned and kept going the way it was originally. I gunned it and went as fast as I could out of there. I would have thought I was crazy if my fiance hadn't been there to see it too.

Routes: Our car is the yellow line and the red dots where it's position where we saw it.