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I was sitting in the living room reading a magazine once, with the balcony windows opened to let some breeze in. All of a sudden my glass of water on the coffee table started to slowly shake, some magazines fell onto the floor. There was a very vibrant whoosh coming from the sky that was getting louder and louder. The whole house was shaking and car alarms was going off in the neighbourhood! I was scared for my life! I ran to my bed and went under the blankets, all curled up, thinking the world is ending and the sky is falling. My cat ran up to me and hid under the bed. The whoosh came and went really loudly, almost deafening me.

After a while of silence, I stood up and went over to the balcony. Some neighbours were outside their houses, wondering what just happened. There was some broken pottery and spilled drinks, but that was all the damage. And then the house started to shake again. Curious, I decided to stay on the balcony and hold on.

All of a sudden, two army jets flew past really low. Two Russian Sukhois made a low flyby and then disappeared behind the mountains. Turned out they were practising for some parade.