awildkristenappeared Thread

i was visiting my dad in portland as his job required a temporary relocation from michigan. my mother, brother, and myself took 10 days hitting spots all over oregon and washington state. we ended up at multnomah falls, a popular state park and tourist attraction.

when we flew back to michigan, he was going through his camera while he listened to the news, and heard that someone had died at the falls that day. it's not uncommon for suicides to happen in places like the falls, but as he was scrolling through the pictures, he was curious at what time the suicide occurred, because my dad had one of those cameras that time-stamped every photo.

The news reported the time of the body's discovery as my dad fell onto a picture timestamped at 3 minutes prior to that time. At the top of the falls, in my family photo, there stands a man at the edge minutes from jumping to his death.