PRGrl718 Thread

So many creepy things have happened in my family. My mom believes it is because my grandmother (mom's mom) used to do black magic and curse at the devil. She's "saved" (Christian) now - but shit still happens. Where to start:

  1. One of my oldest brothers when he was younger (about 14/15) used to get in a lot of trouble. He was always hanging out with the wrong kids, shoplifting, drinking, fighting, etc. One day he was walking about to meet with his so-called "friends" when he saw a coffin float above his head and it lowered enough so he could see it. He saw himself in that coffin. He ran straight to my grandmother's apartment and prayed the rest of the afternoon with her. He refused to let anyone in our family know what he was about to do that day, so I wouldn't know - sorry.

  2. My puny, little four-foot-two grandmother has been exorcised (around 62 years old at the time). This happened a while after she got a call that one of her sons (my uncle) had gotten arrested and was in jail. I wasn't born yet but two of my brothers, my (at the time) baby cousin, my uncle's wife, my aunt, and my mother were there. My mom said as they were beginning to exorcise her, she started speaking English (she only speaks Spanish, minus a couple English words like "hello" and such) and started to speak in tongues but in a very manly and deep voice and that it just didn't sound like something that should be coming out of such a small woman. They started to forcefully hold her down onto the chair and they said she was stronger than anything they could imagine. She's 87 now and has a sense of humor about it. Heck, one time at a family outing I had to share a room with her and this was right after I was told about this story. She thought it would be hilarious if she just sat up in her bed staring at me for five minutes but what felt like eternity and fall back down to sleep. Next day she's laughing about it with everyone in our family about how I almost shit my pants.

  3. YEARSSSSSSS ago, back when my family used to live in Puerto Rico and my mom and her brothers and sisters were kids, before my grandmother became Christian, she gambled a lot and would curse at the devil when she didn't win. I don't remember what exactly the "game" or whatever it was was called, but it wasn't exactly a lottery. I'm not sure, I'll check with my mom later. But anywho, so one day she lost at this thing and she threw pennies out the window and said something to the extent of "If this won't bring me any luck, then I'll take the devil's." They lived in a small house which was raised a couple feet off the ground. That night, my mom said she heard about ten or fifteen cats underneath the floorboards, scratching and meowing. And when they meowed, it sounded like "MaRIaaaaaaa, tienes MIIIEEEEDDDoooooooooo?" (Maria, are you scared?)

  4. Last summer we had this huge family reunion. All of the older cousins slept in the same room, and the youngest cousin (eight at the time and the only young one - he has a history of sleep talking and night terrors) felt left out if he slept in his room 'cause he wanted to be with the older kids. So we're talking all night and it's about three in the morning and we decide it's time to hit the hay. About a half hour later, the lights flickered on and off, and we heard a scratching noise on the floor outside the door which irked everyone in a fucking unsettling way. This kid rises from his bed and says "I dare not speak of what I hear" and falls back into his slumber ... AN EIGHT YEAR OLD.

  5. A couple years ago, I was left home alone (I have a phobia of the dark so I always sleep with a small lamp on 'cause nightlights don't so SHIT). My dad was working the graveyard shift, brother was staying at his girlfriend's house, mom was staying overnight at the hospital to keep my grandfather company. So I'm about to hit the hay, laying in bed still wide awake, lamp on. My cat absolutely lovessssss to sleep right next to me and I know what I experienced was real because she woke up and started hissing before anything started to happen. I heard footsteps, but saw nothing. They got closer to me and my bed and got louder. All of a sudden I felt a shiver on my neck, this thing started to breathe into my ear. Then, what it sounded like, was this thing just took a whole bunch of glass and metal and threw it forcefully onto the ground right next to me which startled me so much I couldn't even fucking scream. I was so fucking petrified. My cat's going ballistics right now. I don't think I had an inch of sleep that night. The next day when it was finally bright outside, I check the kitchen to see if maybe I was just imagining things and maybe some dishes had fallen or something. Nothing.

  6. Now to just lighten up the mood after all these stories: my brother's a prankster. If he says to go along with something devious, I'll do it. A couple years ago, I was doing my chores and it was time to clean the bathroom. I hate chores, decided to have some fun before I windexed the mirror. So I put some lotion on my hands and made a footprint on the bathroom mirror (you can make them by closing your hand into a fist and then using your thumb and fingers my making the big toe and all the other ones). I showed my brother 'cause I thought it was pretty cool. He said to make a couple more and not to clean the mirror this time to see if my mom would notice. A couple days go by and my brother picks me up from a fun-run event. He says in the car that our mom finally noticed the prints and that I shouldn't say anything, just go along with the plan. At the time, there were some kittens who were born in the shed in our backyard. When they meowed, it sounded like a baby crying. EPIPHANY So my brother decided to say that we heard babies crying the other night, but we just played it off 'cause we thought it was the kittens. Her mind is playing tricks on her and all this other mumbojumbo so right away, she agrees and she's all "you know what, I think I heard those too." She calls my dad at work and tells him and he's all skeptical, "Wife, you know they're always playing pranks. It's probably nothing." "BUT YOU'RE NOT HERE, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE SEEING." My aunt is here with us too and she's even wayyyyy more spiritual and Christian than my mother and right away she says we need to call the pastor. My mom brushes it off and says to wait. If this keeps happening the next couple days, then she'll call. So my aunt and mom go to the grocery store, do some errands, enough time for my brother to come up with something even more devious. He finds an audio recording of a baby crying, hooks it up to the surround sound in our living room, and puts it on a loop - just audible enough. So they come back about an hour or two later. We're helping them bring in the groceries - after about fifteen minutes, my aunt's all "Shhhhhhh, ques eso?" (Shhhhhhh, what is that?). Myyyyyy motherrrrrrr started balling her eyes out and rannnnnn the fuck out of that house faster than fucking Usain Bolt himself. She asked our neighbors if anyone was babysitting. Nope. Call the fucking pastor. This was when my brother had to yank the phone out of my mom's hands and explain to her it was all just a prank. Then some beatings ensued.

Edit - If you guys want more of these, my brain is packed with a million more. I'll try to recall some more things that have happened.