siierramiist Thread

Last year I was staying in a vacation home with my family in St. Pete, Florida right on the water. At the time my nephew was about 4 and a half. So it's like 10 pm and my nephew and I are swimming in the backyard pool, (we only let him stay up this late because it was summer,) and my parents and sister were off stealing plants. (That's another story though.)

But we're swimming and suddenly my nephew gets this look of complete horror on his face and is staring out into the ocean. He starts tearing up and says "the bone man is here." And I go "what?? what are you talking about sweetie?" he goes "out there. the bone man is there. he wants to hurt us." I look out to the ocean and it's pretty dimly lit from the moon and see nothing. I go "where? where do you see anything?" and he just points to the ocean and whispers "right. there."

Naturally I scoop him up, run inside, and lock all of the doors. Family comes home later and I tell them the story and they kind of laugh it off.

4am rolls around and my sister and I are watching shark week in the living room and my nephew is sleeping on the couch. He twitches, stands up, (eyes still closed), and starts swaying back and forth. Full on paranormal activity style. I freak out. My sister tries to wake him up. When he opens his eyes he says... "he's outside." and passes out.

Still get shivers thinking about it.