NekoLuna Thread

I once have read about this Internetstory where someone put a quiz in the internet where the answer would lead to a treasure which is hidden with a lot of money and nobody could have solved this quiz but one guy managed to get the answer but there wasn't a treasure at the location..but an another quiz. This would go for like 2-3 times with one quiz after another and this guy put the solutions to the quiz on youtube after he managed to solve it (sometimes it took him weeks) which you can see even nowadays (can't find it though) and how he traveled to the locations. So finally he managed to solve the last puzzle which lead to an open field (he posted the coordinations) and he put a mobileupload with him in a train and a showel to dig finally the treasure on youtube. The next day there was a text in a newspaper that some guy was killed in an open field...the coordinations even matched. After month of solving the puzzles to get the money he get killed by the Riddler.

tl;dr - A Guy solves a Puzzle on the internet, gets killed by the Riddler at the end

ps: if someone has the links to the story please link it.