M00nfac3 Thread

I love reading all these storys, even though I'm a sceptic about ghosts and stuff, and always try to find a rational explanation för stuff there really are some creepy ass storys out there. I'd thought I contribute aswell!

Not my story, but a friend of my mom. She ( the friend) and her husband had just got their first baby, and had bought an old house in the middle of nowhere in the south of Sweden. The husband worked at sea and was gone weeks at a time leaving his wife and their new born at home.

It wasn't long after they moved in, while he was away at sea, that she started to feel uncomfortable in the house, like just a feeling that something was off.

She started to get this sensation more and more, but like me, being a skeptic she brushed it off as a feeling of lonliness since her husband was away. But then it evoled to more than just a feeling, At night, she thought she could here footsteps on the stairs leading up to the second floor where she and the baby was sleeping.

She continued to try and convince herself that this also was something she imagined, half awake, half asleep, and try to convince herself that it was an old old house with wooden stairs, and that old hoyses make noices. But it continued, almot consistanly every night, and she started to get a bit freaked out as soon as the day turned into night.

She had also noticed that the baby would focus on certain points in the ceeling and suddenly stop or start crying, more then a newborn usually do and more frequently flipping from cry to total silence and a look of deep concentration while staring straight up as if there was something there.

The mother continued to try and explain the noices with rational thinking, and this being her first child she tried to convince herself that it was normal behavior for a newborn. Only a few weaks old.

Then one day, in the middle of the day when the kid was upstairs in the crib sleeping, and her down in the kitchen, she heard the steps on the stairs again, only this time really loud, and then a thud like if someone just slammed a door. She just frooze up, untill she heard the baby crying like bloody murder.

She ran up the stairs only to find the door to the bedroom closed, something she never did so that she could here the baby. She opened the door, and there, on the fucking floor lies the baby screaming!

Remeber, this is a baby thats only a few weeks old, he couldn't even sit up by himself, even more so climb out of a fucking crib and crawl to the center of the room, like absolutly no way!

After this, they sold the house and moved.

As I said, I'm a sceptic, but Iv'e heard this story from the lady herself, and she's an honest and very good friend of my mother, I trust her very much. After I heard this I try too keep a bit more of an open mind when people say they've wittness stuff like this...

TL;DR New born escape crib while alone in the room of a very old house, mother freaks out.