Iambillslefthand Thread

went camping once alone. first time i had tried this and i went to a familiar spot. (i know it is dumb, but i notified some people of where i would be ahead of time.) I brought my camera with me so i could take landscapes and other artsy bullshit. whatever, the trip is going great and i decide to make camp.

I go to bed pretty much as the sun went down. i was on the shore of a lake, so i kept my camera in my tent so i could take some nice shots as the sun rises over the lake. it should be noted that this is my camera. there is no flash, it is a bare bones fully manual film camera.

i wake up as the sun rises and take some good shots. the trip is pretty uneventful and i pack up and head home. a few weeks later i develop the film in my darkroom. as i squeegee off the film i notice a weird sequence of frames right before the shots i took in the morning. it is color negative film so it is a little difficult to actually see what the picture is. they were a little blurry too, but it looks like it was someones face.

i dry the film off with the other rolls and proceed to make some contact sheets. (a page that shows me each photo on the roll, just printed the size of the negative). I pull the sheet out of the machine and immediately drop it. the pictures were of me. sleeping in my tent.

my hands are shaking and i pick the page back up. the final image in the sequence was just a blurry mess. but i could make out a wide smile, and a knife being held over me.

I burned those negatives and the one existing contact sheet. I have never been back to that area, and will never return.