Crippled2 Thread

My college roommate went camping up in the rural areas of Mississippi like in the sticks, he said this area was so remote it was decently far from any major stuff. They parked their truck in a clear area and walked to their campsite. The camping area was fairly known to the "locals" which at the time he thought nothing of. As the night progressed he heard what sounded like men talking to each other, he heard rumbling of the leaves and grass in their general area and communication. He grabbed his side arm motions to his friend, he knew something wasn't right. He heard the movement grow closer, they were in a fairly wooded area and with as dark as it was he assumed whoever was out there couldn't see them yet, as the men for some reason weren't carrying lights. He decided to sneak out of their tent. He saw men in the distance armed, he said he then heard sounds from the left and the right as well which led him to believe they were trying to move around him. At this point they decided to abandon their gear and take the food and water and make a run for it. They weren't too far off train tracks and while going back to their truck trying to be as silent as possible my friend glanced at the tracks and saw a heavy-set man with a shotgun. This man glared at him with no reaction while tapping the end of the barrel on the tracks. He told me the sound of the metal tapping and the stare of that man sunk into him like a knife. My friend decided the time for trying to be silent was over and yelled to his friend to run as fast as possible. They got back to the truck and drove all night till they hit a larger town. He later looked up that area and found out there have been murders and a rape. He also found out after they got back to a town that kids in that area break your windows of your car while your off camping and then push your vehicle off cliffs. (This guy was a Eagle Scout, all about nature and hunting) he said from his experience these men weren't out looking for animals, they were out there for something else but he didn't want to find out what that something was.

This is why i don't go camping, fuck nature I'll stay inside. He has yet to go back to Mississippi.