tedwin223 Thread

The scariest moment of my life was after the first plane hit the north tower on 9/11 before we knew it was terrorism. I was afraid it was my dad because We (my family) thought he was flying a private jet from Boston to New York for business. But to our relief his secertary informed us that he was flying American Airlines that day. It was a wave of relief...until we were informed that they were both American Airline planes after the second plane hit. To make matters worse my dad's phone did not connect because it was off while he was in the airport. We waited for what felt like an hour and half watching the towers and everything that went on that day until my Dad called my mom and asked what was going on. My Mom told him through a flurry of relieved tears what had happened, because he didn't know! He dropped his shit and ran to a HERTZ car rental and said something along the lines of "i'm renting this car and it's going all the way to Ohio. I have to go to my family." And apparently the car rental guy just looked at him and said "just give me a contact number so we can bill you for carrying it across a few states." Apparently that's not allowed? Anyway, my dad drove all day and night from boston to cincinatti. It was the scariest day of 5 year old me's life. I fucking love my Dad.