rammalammadingdong Thread

I chased a guy around our old house and he ran up the stairs, into my father's room, and slammed the door shut. I grabbed a gun, walked in to the room and searched it head to toe. There was no one to be found. I clearly saw a man in a white t-shirt with jeans and a brown ponytail. Years later, I moved back to Texas, and went to see my half-brother. My now ex-step sister was there as well as my ex-step mother. I told them that I thought the place was haunted. My sister asked me to whisper the description of the person I saw in the house into her ear. After I did, she told her mom to describe the man she saw standing over their bed while they were asleep. She gave the same description I had.

Side note: I made a room in the basement and between my dad and I was the first floor. I could hear when my dad would get up, I knew the squeaks and creaks from his bed. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I could hear walking on the floor in between us, knowing full on that my dad was in his bed. It was certainly some creepy shit.