hydrazi Thread

I was about 11 years old and my family lived in a 100 year old, sprawling farmhouse in Upstate NY. Our nearest neighbor was 6 miles away. I was rarely in the house alone, but this night I was.

I was getting ready to watch the 2 hour premiere of the TV movie "V", yeah in the 80's. Aliens that look human but turn out to be lizard people who eat humans.

I am watching it near the large picture window that looks out onto one of the hayfields beside the house. Just after the first guy gets his fake human face torn off to reveal lizard beneath, my dogs both started to growl.

It was dark out, but it seemed a little lighter out. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. Both dogs quick growling and just huddled behind the couch (NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE OR SINCE). And then I saw a growing light that blasted overhead and disappeared behind the hill. Winked out. I lost it. Aliens.... coming to eat me....!

I grabbed my .22 rifle and ran down cellar with the dogs. I stayed there until my parents got home. I pretended to be cool. Then my parents told me about how they were at another farm visiting, and all of the animals got totally silent and they saw a bright light and came home fast.... because they were scared.