wrong-hole Thread

Forgot this one.

My parents when first married used to hop in the car with their 3 dogs and a tent and drive somewhere and camp a few days. You can camp virtually anywhere in Scotland and it's legal btw. They wouldn't have a map and would just drive until they found a nice spot.

So they came to a country road and a guy in a tractor said "you can't go up there. Your car won't make it. I can barely get up in a tractor". My dad takes it as a challenge and battled up this road. Pot holes and mud galore but somehow they made it. At the top of the road there was a stream and a meadow. Then at the end of the meadow was a new forest, all the newly planted saplings in neat rows until you hit the old forest about 800 metres away.

My dad claimed it was like heaven. This perfect camping spot that they couldn't believe they had found randomly. They got out the car and it was eerily silent. The stream was bubbling away but there was no wind and no birds. My mother said "this feels weird" but my dad just laughed it off and they started setting up the tent. They set the tent up and realised the dogs (who they used for hunting) had wandered off.

They found them stood in a row facing in to the new trees with their hackles up growling. There was nothing there. It wasnt an animal or they would have just chased and tried to kill. My dad tried to get them away but everytime he got them back to the tent they would slowly stalk their way back to the edge of the trees.

It was starting to get dark and the dogs would not stop growling and being really anxious. They had never been like that before and never ignored my dad's commands. They were highly trained hunting dogs so it was weird that they were so frightened and angry that they would ignore him.

As it got darker my dad said they couldn't stay. Somethig was out there and they couldn't see it but the dogs could. They took the tent down (not even putting it away properly) and jumped back in the car. They drove to the nearest village. Found where they were and drove to the nearest family (about an hour away) because they couldn't camp that night even in a different place.

They described the place , the road and everything about it and my mothers uncle (who they were staying with) got out the map and asked if that's where they were. My dad checked it out and realised it was. The area was where they had been finding bits of bodies from the lochabie bombings which had just happened not that long before my parents accidentally ended up there.