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My scary experience occurred at my Dad's girlfriend, Susan's, house. To paint you a better mental picture of things, she lived on a nice piece of land and didn't have any neighbors too close by.

We had a bonfire one night, which I spent some of the time leaned up against a tree listening to my iPod, but got up to get closer to the fire. After we all came inside and went to bed, I awoke suddenly at about 2 am and realized I left my iPod against the tree. I decided to go retrieve it. The bonfire pit is about a 5 minute walk from the house, and Susan's dog, Shadow, stays in a huge cage next to it. When I reached the tree, I could barely see anything because it was so dark, so, I started crawling around and feeling for my iPod. Shadow started to growl. I figured he didn't know it was me so I started talking to him and he quit. I finally found it, stood up, and checked to see if it was still working. Shadow started growling again, and I looked up to see a man standing by the tree, only an arm's length away, smiling at me. I fell backwards in shock. He's still smiling and says in a low whisper, "Hi." I jumped up, sprinted back to the house, too afraid to look behind me, but I could hear Shadow start barking and growling like crazy. I burst inside, ran into my Dad's room, and frantically told him what happened. He went outside to investigate and found no one. We called the police, but they didn't do much. I always wonder what would have happened if Shadow hadn't warned me.