laythepipe Thread

My boss had a coworker (single female) who had just moved into a brand new apartment complex, which was in a decent neighborhood and seemingly secure. She came home one day to find that she had not only been robbed of all her electronics, but the perpetrator had done a bunch of creepy stuff like eat her food, lay on her bed, and go through her tax documents. The police advised she move, as he was likely to come back as soon as she replaced her belongings. So she bought a house across town. When she moved she started getting these phone calls from random or blocked numbers. The guy would say things like "I saw you at work today walking to your car" or "I saw you at the grocery store", and she could recognize his voice but not place it. So I guess this chick was blind as a bat and would always take her glasses off right before bed and place them on her nightstand. One morning she woke up and her glasses were missing. She tore her house apart, and ended up going to the eye doctor to get a new pair. She came home from work the next day, and her glasses were laying neatly on her pillow. She got a new job and moved out of the state, never to have any issues again.