alalal982 Thread

This happened just a couple weeks ago on a friday. It was late at night, around midnight. I had two friends in my car, we were coming back from a restaurant to celebrate finishing up the school play. I just dropped the first friend off and was now making the four or five mile drive to my second friend's house. It's a narrow road in MA that cuts through some pretty dense woods. She was in the front seat and we were listening to ballads, just talking about life. Not a big deal.

I was behind a deep red pickup truck that had a motorcycle in the bed of it the entire way so far. I wasn't tailgating them, nothing, even though the driver was going a bit slow for my tastes and swerving around just a tad too much. When I'm just about to reach this intersection that's not even a block from my second friend's house, this guy pulls over. Seemingly no reason, he just pulled over to the side of the road about a car or two's length from the blinking red light. As I pass him to stop up ahead, I see his face. He has a pretty generic face, nothing unusual, but he's staring right at us with anger in his eyes. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I just sense something's...not quite right. My friend looks out the window and says; "What is he doing?" shakily. I look at my rearview mirror to see the guy getting out of the seat, pulling a ski-mask over his face and wielding a huge, I'd say 10 inch knife in his hand. He started sprinting at my car, almost reaching the passenger side. I screamed and slammed on the gas, driving around for a while, the man only chasing my car for a few blocks until he knew he wasn't going to catch us. When I got back at the intersection minutes later to drop my friend off, he was gone. My friend ran inside, locked her doors and everything and I sped away, but it. Was. Terrifying. I told the police and filled out a report last week. Never driving at that intersection again.