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When I was a kid my bed faced the open doorway and I could see straight down the hall to my mom's bedroom. One evening when I was about 8 or 9 I woke up looked down the hall and saw a feminine figure leaning against the doorway of my mom's room. There were no distinct identifiable features, but I could tell it was a lady, and she was all white. I put the covers over my head and screamed for my mother.

The next day we were at the county fair when my mom and dad are talking, basically saying "we should tell her." They sat me down, and had explained that a lady was murdered in the house at the top of the stairs (where my mom's room was) back before they bought it. They never arrested anyone for the murder, but people speculated it was her husband. They shared some of the strange things that happened in the house right after they'd moved in. There were a LOT of strange things.

About 20 years later my boyfriend and I are staying the weekend in the house while we're in town. We got into a slight argument, and I told him "I'm going to bed." And as I'm walking away, I hear a very distinct voice (a female's one) saying "Where are you going?" and I stopped and said "I told you, I'm going upstairs." To which my boyfriend responded with confusion as to why I had repeated what I'd said. It hadn't registered right away that it had been a female voice, but it was definitely like someone was there asking me. The next day I had told him the history of the house, and then he shared some strange things he had noticed over the few days but didn't tell me because he was worried I'd think he was crazy.