MooseDougington Thread

I was laying in bed around 6pm after work, trying to take a quick power nap. I hear a door open and shut, thinking my roommate had just come home.

I then hear someone yell, "Hello! Hello!" I shrug it off thinking it's coming from outside my window. It gets louder, "Hello.. Hello! Hello!" This now sounds like it's coming from downstairs so I get up to see what the deal is. I walk out of my room saying my roommates name. I make it halfway down the stairs when I come face to face with a 55 year old Filipino woman, holding a plastic grocery bag filled with clothes.

We make direct eye contact, so I ask her if I can help her. She looks straight at me and screams, "I'm a lost 7 year old girl can you please help me get home?" I could only muster up an "Excuse me?"

Again, "I'm a lost little girl can you please help me get home". At this point I'm terrified so I slowly start to back up the stairs and ask her if she can leave my apartment. She puts a twisted grin on her face and says okay while turning around to walk out. She reaches the door, turns her head and winks at me, then proceeds to slam the door shut and leave. I'm still greatly haunted by her..