kiefercalyx Thread

I was about 6 years old when our washer broke and we had to go to the laundromat at little shopping center to do our laundry for a little while. I remember it was a warm June afternoon just before dusk I was sitting on the back of my Mom's car eating some candy when I heard the roar of engines coming down the boulevard in front of me. I could see down the road it was two vehicles, a primer colored hot rod and a van racing at top speed side by side, as they neared the intersection where I was at the road rose ever so slightly and they were going so fast both vehicles rose and collided sides in mid air. The van kept going but the car rolled twice fast and hopped on the third roll and as the car rose the guy was coming out ever so much and he his head was chopped clean off when the car landed.

The real freaky part is the head rolled into the gutter about 6 feet directly in front of where I was sitting.