Kokir Thread

This was 2 weeks ago now. I live in a small apartment, safe one. But anyways, I live alone, and no one else has a key to my place. I had had some friends over for dinner. It was late. I said I would do the dishes in the morning. I give the cat some water and turn off the lights. Head to bed. Wake up at about five to go run. Flip on the lights. Throw on my gear. About to head out. Stop to feed the cat. Then I notice my trash can. Its about ten feet from its regular spot. Which I thought odd. I am ocd about its placement. So I put it back and then I notice the scariest thing. My dishes are all done. They are all put away. My kitchen is spotless. I know I didnt have that much to drink. So by now I am freaked out. I call the cops. The guys show up and ask whats wrong. I tell them everything. They are as shocked as I am. No signs of forced entry or anything. The only difference was my kitchen had been cleaned as I slept. And so I go to my best friends apartment while they investigate. They turn up nothing. Im shitting my pants upon returning to my apartment. I have no clue what to think. I dont believe in the supernatural. But when this happens, small thoughts become big ones. So I truly believed something otherworldy was just haunting me for shits and gigs. But an hour later, my neighbor knocks on the door. Asks why the cops showed up. I tell her the story. She laughs and tells me she got drunk and googled how to lockpick, then practiced on my door then did my dishes as compensation. I asked her how hard it was to lockpick the door, because it cant be easy. She tells me this the tenth time she has tried lockpicking my door and this is the first time she has been successful. But she was drunk every single time. I was haunted by a drunk woman who was bored