VegasVeritas Thread

I had a beautiful cat named Oreo who we had to put down due to terminal cancer of the jaw in early-mid 2011. During that time I was away in Anaheim doing an internship, so I never really got to say good bye or be with her when she passed, and that was really hard on me since I had been her caretaker for about 15 years. I returned home from the program drained and depressed.

Two days after moving back, I was laying in bed, watching a movie, when I heard a distinct, questioning meow. I automatically got up to check the cat food and water and fetch a treat. I stopped myself, stunned.

I didn't own any cats.

I was entirely alone in our tiny condo.

I recognized that meow. It was Oreo. It was the meow she made when she was asking for attention. I stood dumbfounded for a minute, perfectly still, hoping for the sound again. Nothing.