Uhhhhlisha Thread

When I was in high school we moved into a new house. Very quickly my older sister and I learned that there was no way of sneaking out of the house, as my moms room was by the front door, the sliding glass doors were too loud, and the door leading into the garage, no matter how slowly, gently, you could ALWAYS hear it open/shut. And with all tile floor and being as "heavy footed" as I am, you could always hear me walk. Well one night, I am laying in bed and just as I am about to fall asleep, I hear what sounds like someone running barefoot on the tile floor from the garage door, to my hallway, back to the garage door. But I never ONCE heard the door open. I was frozen, like you see in the movies. It was so loud. It was a school night. And why would anyone be running? It's 12:30 at night. Then I thought maybe it was my little sister. But...that's not like her. Still frozen. Can't move. After about 15 minutes, I got up. And grabbed the nearest weapon of choice. My hair brush.

My older sisters room was next to mine at the end of the hallway and I figured that would be the safest option, because I would have to cross over to get to my moms room. And with the open layout, there was no "sneaking" if there was a murderer! Well I went full force into my sisters door with the plan of barging it but it was locked. After that recovery, I asked her why she was running in the hallway. She opened the door and said, "I thought that was you". She convinced me to run into my moms room, where I found her and my little sister DEAD asleep.

I finally got my mom to wake up. She called the cops because she thought it was one of the teenagers in the area. When they showed up, we went out the front door and were standing on the patio talking to the cop. The door was still open. In the midst of the conversation, someone..or thing, rings the doorbell. Then again, then a few times in a row, pauses, then multiple times in a row. Pauses. Then one more time. All of us stood there, half turned around with a "WTF" look on our face. The cop legitimately said, "I don't deal with paranormal shit". I thought he was joking but when I turned around he was already getting into his car. I am forever convinced our house was haunted (other incidents occurred, too, which makes me think this).