Pajamathief Thread

The first week of July, 2011 was the creepiest, scariest week of my life. On the first night I went into my bedroom and noticed my closet door was open, and a foul odor (like cat piss, but stronger) was coming out of it. I febreezed it, shut the door, and fell asleep. Next night, before going to sleep a really heavy presence settled in the room, and the stench returned out of nowhere. A hot uncomfortable static in the air. Movement drew my eye to the corner of the room and I saw a dark shape, darker than the shadow around it crouched down. It seemed like it was staring at me a few seconds, and then disappeared. Freaked me the fuck out. The third night, 5 minutes after I layed down in bed that same presence and smell settled in the room. I could hear scratching from the closet, and occasionally a sort of low noise between a growl and laugh. I turned on the light, opened the closet; nothing there. Went back to bed and fell asleep pretty quick, though I woke up at some point half asleep and heard a metal squeaking sound. When I woke up next morning I realized what the sound was. The metal chair I keep in my closet had been propped up next to my bed. This is what really got to me... because it gave me the idea that something was watching me while I slept. I put the chair back, and left my room. That night I didn't even try to sleep. I left the lights on and messed around on a laptop. At 3:13AM I heard one loud, eerie bang on my door. I heard my dog in the next room start barking immediately, so I know she heard it too. Opened the door, no one was in the hallway. I could hear everyone snoring down the hall. On the fifth day I crashed on my couch, and had a really vivid nightmare about this owl outside the window just staring at me, and I couldn't look away. Woke up in a sweat etc. Anyways I was in the den later that night, maybe 10:30 pm, parents are asleep. I got up from the computer to go downstairs and smoke. I stepped outside the room and from my left I heard the distinct sound of someone walking across the 2nd floor landing (it always creaks and makes a popping noise at the spot closest to the den) I looked over expecting to see my mom walking from her bedroom. Instead it was the shadow I had seen in my room, much darker than all the shadows around it, coming at me extremely fast. Adrenaline took over, I swung at it... and hit nothing. This scared me so much I ran downstairs and grabbed a knife, and just stood in the kitchen waiting and listening. Eventually the heavy presence went away and I went to the couch to sleep. On the 6th day my mom woke me up before going to work, it was still pretty dark in the house. My brother had slept over at a friends, so I was home alone. I poured cereal, sat down and watched TV. Not twenty minutes had gone by since my mom left and the presence and the stench settled into the living room, much stronger than in my bedroom or closet. I was so fed up and angry I jumped up and turned to the darkest corner of the room it seemed to permeate from and yelled at the top of my lungs "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" And it must've because after that I never had another experience. I didn't tell anyone until about a week later when my friends suggested ghost hunting at Bachelor's Grove (we still haven't gone) and I told them my story. My brother was there and while hearing my story stopped me and told me about seeing the same dark black shadow in his bathroom straight across from his bed. He said it seemed to stare at him, and he would become paralyzed. He also mentioned the weird piss-like smell.

Moral of the story... intense rage seems to get weird shit out of your house pretty quickly.