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I don't know if it's creepy just really mind fucked me.

I was riding through a nearby town and saw a man in a traffic jam that looked a bit familiar. I filtered through the lane on my motorbike to see if I knew him, and from the side of his face I thought I did. When I drew alongside the vehicle he was the spitting image of my father.

My father had died three years earlier. I followed that car for a good 30 minutes in a trance trying to work out how the fuck this man looked identical to my dad. Every red light I'd go alongside the vehicle and look in puzzlement and to be honest, more and more depressing thoughts started. At one point I even questioned if he was dead, so I broke away and rode back to my normal route home. The car he was driving was a quite noticeable colour and make and I have seen the vehicle twice since then (in one year).

As a side note, if there is anybody posting a story about a motorcyclist who stared at, tailed and quite possibly came across as a man possessed, I apologise.