alexbeekmeyer Thread

Once I was on holiday in Portugal with my family. I was 16 and my brother and sister were both 4. This was a few years ago and so a few years after Madeleine McCann had been abducted. We were on a beach on the South Coast, near where she had been taken. Suddenly we heard a man shouting at the top of his voice looking for his daughter. He was running around the beach with his wife, searching desperately. My dad and I, and a few other people decided to help him look. We got to the end of the beach and saw a cave, still shouting her name. Our search party entered the cave and saw her there sitting down. I heard the dad ask her what she was doing (she looked about 5 or 6) and she said, in these exact words: "The man was taking me to get an ice cream." At the opposite side, there was a small hollow, just big enough for a man to crouch and fit through, leading back towards the town. To think what could have happened if we were several minutes later is horrifying, and we didn't let my brother or sister out of our sight for the rest of the holiday.