99Coxy88 Thread

About three years I ago I saw something that to this day I cannot explain. A mate and I had been drinking in our local pub. After closing time he invited me back to his place to stay the night. Where I grew up is on the coast and quite rural so it was about a 40-minute walk to his house but only a 20-minute walk if we cut through a wooded area about 70 acres across. It was about 1 am but we always crossed the woods at night so even without flashlights we new our way perfectly. It was summer and pretty warm so about half way across we stopped in a clearing and shared a joint. The clearing sloped quite steeply down a hill and we were stood at the top edge looking down and out to sea, with the far edge less than about 100 yards away.

The view from there is amazing, it was a lovely clear night and it is a place we knew very well but for some reason something did not feel right, neither of us had spoken for about five minutes and I felt very uneasy. I sensed he felt the same, but being guys, neither of us was about to admit to feeling scared so we just stood there peering into the trees and smoking in silence.

That is when I saw it. A dim shape was moving through the trees on the other side of the clearing. It looked to be about 4-5 feet high, it did not seem to have a solid shape and gave off a dim silvery light that cast shadows across the clearing. The best way I can describe it is as a kind of glowing blob. It moved slowly towards us from inside the wood but as it got to the edge of the tress it started to move around the edge of the clearing, all the time casting shadows and weaving in and out of the trees. I watched this, not breathing and frozen to the fucking spot for a good 20 seconds. I glanced over to my mate, and could see he was staring at the thing too, I could even see the shadows this thing was casting move across his face! After about another ten seconds the thing just stopped, gave of a bright white flash and just fucking shot up into the tree canopy crazy fast and just vanished. The whole thing had lasted about 30 seconds and the only noise was the wind in the trees.

We stood in silence for another minute until I tugged on my mates sleeve gesturing for us to move on. We carried on our journey in silence not speaking a word to each other. I think neither of us wanted to acknowledge what we saw while still in the dark wood. We crept on, I was shitting my fucking pants, constantly listening and looking all around me. I had no idea what I had just seen, where it had gone or even if I had really seen it. After a tense and silent 10 minute walk we had reached the other side and as soon as we were back on the well-lit road we looked at each other’s pale faces and tried to figure out what the fuck we had just seen. My mate told me he had seen exactly the same thing but had not been able to tell if I had seen it too. Both of us had felt horribly uncomfortable the second we arrived in the clearing, a place we had been hundreds of times before and never felt anything out of the ordinary.

We did not sleep that night. We sat up trying to explain what we had seen. To this day neither us can even guess what it was we saw and I no longer cut through the woods at night.