bolognahole Thread

When it comes to ghosts or hauntings, I am very skeptical to say the least, so I have a bit of trouble trying to understand what I experienced a few years ago at a previous job.

I used to work for a rental car company in the wash bay detailing cars. I would work the night shift by myself a lot. There was nothing peculiar or remarkable at all about the building I was working in. It was an office/wash bay that was about 20 years old located near the airport.

Anyway, one night I'm working by myself, lying in the back of a car vacuuming out the carpets, when I see someone walk past me. I get up to see who's there, but I was alone. I go in the office thinking my boss stopped by, but that was empty too. I assume I imagined it and go back to work.

Another night, I'm by myself, this time I'm in the bathroom when I hear the door slam and footsteps in the wash bay walking through the water on the floor. I wash up quickly thinking Its my boss again. I come out and look around and the place is empty. I get a bit unnerved but like I said, I don't believe in ghosts, so the feeling passes quickly and I get to work.Then again there was what I thought was someone walking past the car while I was in cleaning up, and again I couldn't find anyone. A few days later i'm out with a friend who also works there (he actually got me the job) and he asks me how I'm doing with it so far. So I say how its ok, the work is pretty easy, but.... and he chimes in "seeing weird stuff in the night?" I'm like, "WTF! How do you know that?" He then tells me about his other friend who used to work nights who quit just before I started working there. He used to complain about weird stuff going on when he was there by himself and had to switch to days before he quite for another job. So, that has me a little uneasy but that feeling passes again because I'm sure there is nothing paranormal going on.

About a month later, I get another higher paying job so I'm training in my replacement before I leave. One evening while working together, I get out of a car after cleaning the inside, hear someone behind me talking. It's just audible to know its someone talking, but not laud enough to hear what they are saying. I don't even turn around,there is a phone in the corner which is a direct line to the rental counter at the airport so I just assume its the new guy talking with the agent to get a list of cars they need for the morning. However, when I do look up, new guy is in the back of the parking lot about 50 feet away, locking up all of the cars before we close up. I turn around to see who's talking on the phone but I'm alone in the wash bay. I still don't understand it.