iamglory Thread


My dog goes outside EVERY morning at 2-3am. Like clockwork. I wake up to let him out and I usually put the cats in their room (the dogs don't get along with them) and then perhaps a early morning snack.

My dog is very well mannered and listens to all my commands. I am walking around the house and hear him barking. I do not want him to wake up the rest of the people in the house, so I run out and yell at him to get inside. He is stuck at this one part of the fence into our neighbors back yard and will not move. His hair is up, his tail is pointed straight up and he will not listen to me. I tell him to get inside and he does not listen. I try to trick him and say, "it's time to eat." He wags his tail, still upright, but will not leave this spot. I put on some shoes and drag him away and he's growling at this one part of the fence.

I get an idea and put him inside...all the while talking to him and then I close the door behind him and stay outside. I stand there very quietly in the dark for maybe 30 seconds to a minute and then I hear someone walking behind the fence. They take two or three steps and then I hear this metal clanging sound and then nothing. I stand there for another 4 minutes and then I hear more footsteps walking away from the fence.

I am about 85% sure that someone was trying to get over my fence and steal stuff but were surprised by my dog. The only reason they didn't run was because I came outside by the time they had just got on the other side of the fence and were trying to not alert me that they were there.

I realized later, lying in bed and trying to sleep, it was probably the stupidest thing I could ever do and should have just gone inside.