ILikeMyBlueEyes Thread

This is my personal /r/LetsNotMeet story.

20 years ago, when I was eight and living in San Diego, CA at the time (my dad was in the navy and we lived in military housing.), I had an experience that has since made me develop a phobia of windows with no curtains or blinds of any sort shut at night.

It was roughly 2 AM (I was having a friend sleep over) and my friend and I were playing with our Barbie's in the living room. Now, the dining room and living room are basically just one big room. And on the wall in the dining room section, there were 3, floor to ceiling windows that had no blinds or curtains whatsoever. So anyone standing outside those dining room windows could easily watch whoever may be in the living room. And I felt like someone was watching us.

I turned my head to the right was greeted by a sight that I will always remember. It may not sound gruesome in description, but to an 8 year old....There stood a man, a white man. I know this because he was wearing a dark blue, short-sleeved t-shirt that had a pocket on one side of the chest. So I was able to see his bare forearms, which were also quite hairy. He wore a black ski mask and black gloves. He had his face pressed up to the window with his hands on either side of his face to block out any glare from the street lights, watching us with such intent.

I screamed my little eight year old head off and curled into a ball. My friend doing the same. Sobbing, she asked what were we to do. I said that we were going to count to 3 and run upstairs to get my dad. We began counting, but I only made it to '2' and I was hightailing it up those stairs. My friend was hot on my tail. We burst into my dad's room in hysterics, screaming about a man staring at us through the window. He didn't hesitate to jump out of bed and race out to the backyard (where the man would be standing). Of course by the time my dad got there, the man was gone.

Years later I am retelling this account to my mom. My parents were divorced, but she lived in the area and remembers hearing about a rapist on the loose right about that time in that area. To this day I am convinced that man was that rapist.