tayylorsaurus Thread

It was Halloween and I was six.

It was pretty late at night and I was still in my costume after walking through the whole neighborhood. I had been in bed but got up to get a drink and a piece of candy. My dog slept in my room so she got up with me. I walk into the kitchen and there is a scarecrow standing on our back patio, staring in through our sliding glass door. My mom was in the office on the opposite side of the kitchen. She hears me gasp and comes in. The scarecrow starts tapping on the glass. She looks over and tells me to go hide in the pots and pans cupboard with my dog. I go. She goes up to the glass, tapping back. The scarecrow looks around, turns and goes and hops the fence into my neighbors yard.

My mom swears this never happened. But I still have the hay that I found on our back porch.