kobesgoodankle Thread

Last summer, two of my friends and myself were driving in my friend's car to go get ice cream. We were talking about The Exorcist and my one friend was mocking it calling demonic possessions phony and ridiculous.

The second I went to defend that kind of stuff and tell him not to mock it, there was the loudest thud that hit the side of his car. It hit the car so hard he had to swerve into the shoulder. Scared after what happened, we got out of the car to see the damage.

The car was all smashed on that side and nothing but blood was sprayed over the side. We were on a major highway doing about 70 m.p.h. in the car. We thought we hit a deer (which would not be uncommon in the area we were in), but there was no hair sticking to the blood and nowhere for the deer to run to. Plus, there was no way the deer would have survived a hit like that losing that much blood.

We eventually got to our destination but I still get the chills thinking about the conversation we had and what happened at that exact moment. Freakiest thing I've ever been apart of.