garrettrl1 Thread

When I was in 8th grade, my family lived in a gate guarded community that had houses pretty close together. There was about 10 feet that separated us from the neighbors house. No fence or anything. I had the only room downstairs and one night I was woken for whatever reason. Almost as soon as i opened my eyes, I caught a glimpse of something moving out the window. It was a person who stopped moving instantly. Terrified, I just continued to stare out the window while the figure also didn't move. Being dark, I wasn't sure if they could see my eyes open or not. After a minute or two, I slowly snuck out of bed and snuck upstairs to get my dad. We came back down quietly to only see the person was gone. He called the security guard who arrived pretty quickly. I will never forget... Standing at the front door with my dad and the security guard explaining what had happened when all of the sudden the person goes jogging (cant describe the persons creepy stroll) by and slowly turns his head and makes eye contact and has a little grin. The security guard bolts after him with no luck. Probably darted between two other houses. 14 years old, and slept on the floor of my parents room for a week after that. :/