flooing Thread

Late to the party but figured I'd throw mine in here too.

I was babysitting my niece several years ago while still living at my parent's house out in the countryside. We were playing hide and seek, nothing unusual, just another game -- she's a pretty literal girl and for her rules of any sort are very serious and must always be followed exactly. If you didn't count to a certain number in a certain amount of time (no onetwothreefourFIVE bullshit) she'd get annoyed... that sort of person. Anyway, I'm done counting, I start walking into the livingroom facing the hallway where all the bedrooms reside and she walks out of my little sister's room where she was originally hiding.

I gave her a look and she said that she couldn't hide in there anymore. I asked her why and I'll never forget her answer, so flippant and nonchalant: "The shadows have eyes." Then she drank some juice or something that kids do while I tried to not piss myself