cheepasskid Thread

wow! what a coincidence; i was going to post this story yesterday as it's own page but this is even better!

Ok, so, let me clear myself of whackjob status by saying, I'm not religious, not a believer in ghosts, demons, goblins or any of that. I basically need to see the evidence before i even consider it.

One night when i was living in Austin, Tx I had this girlfriend I was dating and that night Austin got hit really bad with an intense storm with high winds. I'm talking really high winds; the kind that howls.

She was scared so we went to her place before it escalated and the power goes out and she just starts freaking out. You can't see anything and twigs and leaves and debris is hitting the window, and then all of a sudden the door opens to the balcony on the third floor. This was followed by a constant banging from the door swinging back and forth. She just went into panic mode as i calmed her down and said, "it's okay, elisabeth, it's just the wind." she then followed me by holding my hand as i walked into the next room to shut the door. I push it close, lock it, and we go back to her room to lay on the bed. Two minutes later it flies open again and is banging against the wall. This time she's freaking out so much it's kind of making me edgy, but my logical mind kicked in and said..."well, maybe i didn't turn the lock the whole way (until it clicks), therefore gradually opening it again from the pressure.

Ok, so here's where it gets weird for me. She follows me again and this time i shut it really hard and make sure the lock clicks. It doesn't open again. Now we're laying back in bed just listening wide-eyed to the storm happening outside. Remember the wind is howling at a certain continuous pitch. That was all you could hear. So, it was a steady wave up and down of wind sort of like a drone. The occasional debris would hit the window so that had a distinct sound. Then all of a sudden, in the middle of this wave of sound from the wind, i hear something completely offset that sound, it's a voice, a distinct devil voice. A voice so audible and clear it stopped me in my tracks and my heart sunk into my stomach. It said, "rashaaaaad" (my name's rashad). The voice was so off from the pitch of the wind and the crap flying around outside. It was like it was created by some other source.

So, i'm sitting there for 30 seconds (thinking i'm the only person going crazy) and not wanting to scare my gf by telling her what i heard, I said, "did you hear that?" and she said, "OMG! IT SAID YOUR NAME?! OMGOMGOMG I DIDN'T THINK YOU HEARD AND I THOUGHT IT'D SCARE YOU!?". She had about lost it right then and there, because she is a little gullible. At that point I was at a lost for words and by far one of the strangest things i've ever witnessed. It sounded so real. I'm not embellishing this at all to make it seem more believable. We both her the same distinct voice say my name. I'm not going to say it was anything of that sort but it was definitely a crazy coincidence at the very least.

Ps. sorry for all the grammar error. I'm too lazy to go up and review.