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I guess for the guy that hits the "new" button...long post.

My parents got divorced the year I was graduating from college, and my mom moved into another house about 5 minutes from the one I grew up in. I spent the summer at my dads house before moving back up to the Bay Area (this all went down in LA and I was going to school in the Bay Area). I was 1 day away from driving back up, and I took an entire duffle bag of laundry over to my moms to see the new house (and an excuse use the laundry facilities).

It was late afternoon when I showed up and no one was home - there was a note left saying they all went out to grab an early dinner and to hang out and they'd be back soon. My little brother was still living with my mom and he had a new tricked out PC with Quake on it (this was mid nineties, and divorce victims get lots of gifts).

So I started doing the laundry, fire up the wash. 20 minutes of Quake, swap wash to dryer, new load in wash, etc. and repeat. There was a little bathroom that I walked by between the laundry room and my brothers, and every time I walked by the light was on. Being a recent college grad, I was obsessed with turning off lights in rooms unused. But by the third or fourth trip I thought "WTF?" and then just blew it off - old house but new occupant, clearly they are still screwing with the electrical, and not a big deal. It was in between the walk from the laundry to the bedroom, I heard the jangling of the gym equipment in a room at the back of the house. Not working out noises, but the weights shifting around, support bars lightly jangling.

I was in the house alone and now it was dusk. I yelled "Hello? Hello? You guys home?" No one answered and it stopped. My skin all of a sudden TOTALLY CRAWLED (like it is now actually), and I turned around in my tracks, went into the laundry room to start packing all my folded cloths into the duffle and just get the fuck out, and I had my back to the door - all of a sudden that feeling that someone is about to hit you, or is rushing right up behind you, took over and I spun in my tracks bracing myself, terrified - no one there. But I could vividly feel it.

I got OUT and didn't come back for about 1 month when I was back in LA. I was speaking to an older woman who was a friend of my mom and was living in the house as emotional support. I told her the story and she just smiled and said "The spirit comes to those who are troubled to let you know that it's there and knows. Has happened to your mom twice and she was told about it in a dream." I guess I was having a tough time processing my parents being divorced after 25 years of marriage. My sisters friend had an encounter in the house when she lived there for 2 months (baskets flew off the wall) bc she was bummed her nutty professor parents moved to Europe and left her in LA alone, and my brother in law woke up with the guest room doors banging because he was stressed out about studying for the bar. I now fully believe in ghosts - or weird spirit energy anyway.

tl;dr - my parents got divorced and my mom moved into a haunted house.