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Not really creepy, but horrible. When I was a kid, fourth grade, I had a friend that lived in the nastiest part of town but at the time, all I thought was that it was just a neighborhood with cracked streets. Pretty effin' common around California, certain areas just get no road maintenance.

Anyway, I'm sleeping over and all of the sudden at like 2 in the morning, I hear this woman shouting in the alley behind the house. I could hear her running down and as she got closer to the house, I could hear her shouting things like "No!" and "Get away from me!" Well, her attacker caught her right near the house because I essentially got premium audio of a woman being attacked and raped for at least fifteen minutes. It scared the fucking shit out of me and I remember wanting to call the police so bad I was almost in tears, but my friend's mother wouldn't allow it, saying it was best to not get involved with the police.

Fuck that shit! I call the goddamn police all the time now. I was talking to a friend recently too who made a comment about not getting involved because I might get killed. I'm not running into fights left and right like some wannabe superhero, but if I hear a pretty nasty-sounding altercation (or worst case scenario, some person being savagely attacked asking for help) I'm going to at least call the police. I can't just not act anymore.