AirplaneStrikesBack Thread

Years ago I was around 10 years old and home alone; my parents had gone out to dinner or something. I was watching TV, when the phone rang. I answered, and there was a female voice on the other end. She sounded a bit elderly, but it was a calm soothing voice.

She addressed me by name, so I figured it was one of my mom's friends or a relative, but the voice was very unfamiliar. She kept asking how I was doing, and when I asked who it was, she kept saying "just a friend". After a few minutes of this, I was getting really creeped out and thinking of the "the calls are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE" urban legend. I asked if she was looking for my parents, but she insisted she was just checking to make sure I was ok. At this point I had had enough, and I ran to my neighbor's house and told him everything.

When my parents came home, I told them the story... they were more amused than creeped out I think. We tried *69-ing on the phone, but they told us the number was blocked or something. To this day I don't know who it could have been... definitely wasn't a relative or one of my parents' friends. Perhaps it was a CALL FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!! Really though, I have no idea who it was on the phone. Just weird.