witchtiger Thread

Okay, so I lived a country in Eastern Europe before I moved to where I live now, but whist I was living there (I moved away when I was 9) one would always constantly hear about criminals breaking into homes, killing people and then taking all of value. They usually would do this by knocking on the door or calling up to an apartment and get the residents to open and then bam. So one day I was left alone home as my mom and gran left for a market. I am sitting maybe 2-3 hours into being home alone when our apartment buzzer rings and I answer, and there is this guy voice on the line going "Open the door!" and I am quite shocked but refuse to do so. Go back to the living room, turn the TV up louder, the buzzer goes off again. Again it is "Open the door!" and I get even more panicked now and I literally yell something along the lines of calling the police if he doesn't stop. At this point I am pretty goddamn scared and I decide to turn off the TV to listen for any steps on the stairs or anything that could tell me if he actually got inside(Mind you I lived on the 4th floor so I would have time to hear it if he opened the main door). So I am sitting there and I hear the main door open and steps starting to go up. I FREAK OUT. I'm fucking 9, don't know what to do in these situations, so I kind of run start panic zigzagging around the apartment, run to the kitchen to get a knife and then attempt to hide under the bed. Now as I have scoliosis, I was wearing a corrective corset at that time, meaning a piece of plastic basically stuck out from my body making my circumference bigger. So I attempt to climb under the bed, and I can't fit. I don't know what to do anymore, I am literally in tears and at this same point I hear the door to our apartment rustling as if someone is trying to open it with a key. I am pretty terrified at this point kind of realizing that I am probably going to die so I run to the window and decide that I am going to jump out. At the exact point where I am sitting in my window, ready to jump down, I hear a voice going "Honey we're home!" and my mum giggling. FUCKKKK. Apparently she decided to do a prank on me and she thought it was really funny up until the point where she saw me lying on the floor basically having a panic attack and crying.