nyky21 Thread

I met these 2 Canadian girls a few summers ago that I hung out with with and shared an RV in the forest with in Cali for a while. They traveled around a bunch and I also did so us gals would chat for hours exchanging stories. I once asked them what the scariest thing that has ever happened to them while traveling, they have gone all around the world together. They are both blonde, pretty and really sweet girls in their mid 20's so they have had some interesting experiences. I am the same age and I have had quite a few scary times, but this story was freaky to me. They said the scariest thing that has ever happened to them was in rural Australia. I don't remember where they said specifically, but they had rented a car and were driving to some place to camp and they said it was quite desolate where they were driving through. It was maybe 2 in the afternoon and they wanted to find a bar to have a drink and some food. They pulled off the road into some old bar that they thought looked good. They said they walked in and all of the people in there were kind of rough looking old guys, and when they walked in, of course all of these 10 or 15 dudes that seemed to know each other all turned and stared at them. They said the bartender didn't seem as scary so they sat with him at the bar. They got some food and beers and chatted with the bartender for about an hour and a half and he started to talk about how he closes his bar at 4pm. He said he was getting ready to go soon and that they should think about leaving. They jokingly said back something like "Aww you're kicking us out?" and he lowered his voice and said "No, I don't want to but you are not safe here. I am going to buy these guys a round of pitchers to keep them here and you two ladies should leave, soon. These guys will follow you and hurt you." or he somehow implied that they will definitely get raped if they stayed. So they said goodbye and left and they said camping that whole night they were super uneasy, but nothing happened to them. Good thing that bartender was there and that they decided to sit with him right? Wild.