ihatetubas Thread

Ok so i made a throw away account because i only browse reddit and never comment, but I couldnt resist telling the story of my possessed brass instrument so here we go.

So i'm part of my school band, and I play an old rusty tuba which i get to keep at home for practice, i keep it in the corner of my room standing on its bell which is HUGE so its very stable. So one night im lying in my one mattress bunk bed trying to sleep when i hear this huge smash. Too scared to investigate I clamp my eyes shut and wait out the night, to scared to sleep. When i wake up I am shocked to see my tuba on its side, I also have an old wardrobe in my room which I always close the doors of before sleep because it creeps me out, the doors were wide open.

The very next night i'm alone in the house (for sure) and i'm in my room studying. I hear someone downstairs call me name, i did not just mistaken, I properly felt it like someone really wanted to speak to me. So forgetting i was alone I rush down stairs to see what up. Not a soul about but as i began walking up the stair i heard another crash in my room. fuck. Bursting into my room knife in hand, heart in mouth i come upon my tuba on the floor and the wardrobe doors swinging.

This was the last i ever encountered of my encounter with instrumental terror but still to this day I knot my wardrobe doors together with string and tuba on its side. I also never played it again because I have one at school and one at home. Sorry if the story was to long as well.