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This will get buried in here but it's been bugging me so here goes. I was walking my son back to his mother's apt after playing at the park. My son is in a stroller, and as usual, he's pointing out any birds, or squirrels, or dogs, you know. It's always fun. We're walking along in front of these apartments and I see a man sitting in a wheel chair, but it's a special needs wheel chair, it has a board across the lap so this man can put things down. The street is to my left, and he's got his back to the street. So he has to turn his head to the right to see me. He doesn't look good- he didn't quite look "special", but I couldn't help notice him. He was bald, very pasty, and squat. If you want to know exactly what he looked like- he looked like that baby/dwarf that Satan carries while Jesus is being whipped in The Passion of the Christ. I'm usually one to say hello, and he notices me so I smile to say hi as I'm walking. I get closer and this man is moving his lips. He 's saying something to me. I crane my neck in, and he raises very short stubbly fingers. The middle finger raises and he whispers- "fuckyou..fuckyou..fuckyou." He's giving me the finger. And he's sort of nodding as if it's a response. Very casually. So he's very troubled, right? I can understand that- but I don't want my son hearing that. The weird thing is, I look at my son, and not only does he not hear him, he's not looking at him either. He doesn't see him. So instead of saying, "Could you not curse around a little one?" I looked around for his caretaker. Nothing. No car door opened, no front door opened, no one coming out saying "sorry". Still, I was pretty understanding so while walking bye I keep looking at him. When I get to his left I notice two streaks of blood on his left cheek. Like scratching too hard. "Fuckyou...fuckyou..." So I kind of picked up the pace and got my son home. I went back out, because I was intrigued by what I saw, and nothing. Maybe five minutes went by, no one there. I've never seem anyone like him, and I can't believe if someone was that troubled they'd just be left alone out on the street. Pretty freaky, it felt like seeing a ghost or something. Can't get it outta my head.